Youth and Advocacy: Platforms for better cooperation with institutions

12 June 2017

Youth network Y-Peer in cooperation with Organization for Social Innovation – ARNO and supported by UNFPA CO in Skopje, organized the first workshop for network members titled “Advocacy to ensure better platforms/mechanism within ministries and state institutions for collaboration with youth NGO’s as a follow up of SRH assessment”.

Representatives of more than nine (9) youth non-governmental organizations discussed for better harmonization of their activities, especially in line to empower their capacities for advocacy in implementation of youth policies in the country.

On the first workshop of upcoming series of four (4) young people open a debate for their participation in the assessment of needs for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the process of developing the national indicators for following of the SDG’s.


In their efforts for promoting of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) the young people concluded that there is a need to work together on the model of education on all levels including the non-formal education, but also focused advocacy towards realization and implementation of CSE within the formal education system.