Since its establishment in the country in 2007, UNFPA has supported the Government in the fields of reproductive health, population and development and gender-based violence, as part of the UN system and within the agreed UNDAF document. 

UNFPA supports the country to improve the overall access and quality of sexual and reproductive health services, including family planning. Under this support a National Strategy for Sexual and Reproductive Health was developed and approved by the Ministry of Health in January 2011. The overarching goal of this Strategy is that by 2020 all citizens of Macedonia should have improved sexual and reproductive health and the strategic objectives include protection of sexual and reproductive health rights, family planning and safe motherhood. 

Access to SRH services was improved by opening of the youth counseling centers, supported by the MoH since year 2011. In 2012 UNFPA CO has conducted the evaluation of previous SRH activities and the Needs Assessment of Family Planning services in the country, and in year 2013 finalized Market Segmentation Research, that would pave the way for sustainable Reproductive Health commodity security Strategy. 

The Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care assessment is also planned for 2013 with UNFPA support, which will provide the basis for the regionalization of emergency obstetrics and neo-natal public health services. 

UNFPA has supported the advanced research on early marriages in the country, creating a fact sheet for easy reference. This document identifies most marginalized and most in need of reproductive health services youth. 

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