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8 March 2019

Results from the UNFPA and Government cooperation for reducing maternal and newborn mortality presented

Skopje, 8 March - A total of 47 health professionals have been trained on effective perinatal care from the two Clinics in the country as part of the multidisciplinary teams consisted of gyn/obs, neonatologists and midwives. Fifteen gynecological and neonatological protocols on EPC have been developed and are being distributed

21 December 2018

Preparation of standards for gynaecology and obstetrics in advanced phase

Skopje, 21 December - There has been great progress with regard to the development of standards for gynaecology and obstetrics in the country, and congratulations on what you have done for maternal health so far, said today in Skopje renowned UK expert Dr Tahir Mahmood. Dr Mahmood is visiting our country in the course of the

17 October 2018

The power to choose the number, timing and spacing of children can bolster economic and social development

United Nations, New York, 17 October - The global trend towards smaller families is a reflection of people making reproductive choices to have as few or as many children as they want, when they want. When people lack choice, it can have a long-term impact on fertility rates, often making them higher or lower than what most

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