Ensuring reproductive rights for all


11 July 2018

World Population Day 11 July - Family Planning is a Human Right

Fifty years ago, the world declared that “parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children,” at the United Nations International Conference on Human Rights in Tehran, on 13 May 1968. Family planning is not only a matter of human rights; it is also central to women

Signing an Agreement

10 May 2018

UNFPA and Government signed an Agreement for a mutual contribution to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality

The Minister of Health Mr. Venko Filipche and the UNFPA Country Director Mrs Doina Bologa today in Skopje signed an Agreement for a mutual contribution for implementing the measures for reducing maternal and neonatal...

12 June 2017

Youth and Advocacy: Platforms for better cooperation with institutions

Youth network Y-Peer in cooperation with Organization for Social Innovation – ARNO and supported by UNFPA CO in Skopje, organized the first workshop for network members titled “Advocacy to ensure better platforms/mechanism within ministries and state institutions for collaboration with youth NGO’s as a follow up of SRH



What do economic inequality and family planning have in common? The surprising link...
UNFPA Annual Report 2017
Year on year, millions of women and adolescents in 155 countries and territories have...

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